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    Much care and forethought were exercised in the breeding of the Clydesdale and in the course of time was developed the type, which for over 160 years has been recognised as a distinctive breed of draught horse.
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    The Clydesdale Horse is a native breed of Scotland, founded in Lanarkshire, Clydesdale being the old name of the district.

    The history of the breed dates back to the middle of the 18th Century when native horses of Lanarkshire were upgraded in an effort to produce greater weight and substance through selective breeding.
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    The Clydesdale’s greatest assets are its feet and legs which have been bred for their exceptional wearing abilities. Silky flowing feather and spat add to the beauty of the movement of these horses.

    At the walk or trot there must be good action with the foot at every step lifted clear of the ground. The animal is renowned for its quiet disposition.
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    The Clydesdale Breed Society was formed in Scotland in 1877.

    Since then the breed has been developed into a handsome, weighty and powerful animal with an upstanding carriage and outlook, so that the impression is given of quality and strength rather than grossness and bulk.
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logo-cchs-nswWelcome from CCHS NSW Branch

 On behalf of the NSW CCHS committee I wish to welcome you to the new Commonwealth Clydesdale NSW branch website.

Our aim is to publish upcoming events and post results from Royals and your local Agricultural Shows and to report on Seminars, to entertain and to inform you.

We will show stories and photographs of members working and showing their Clydesdales and anything of general interest that you think that your fellow members might like to see.

It can only be as informative as you the members participate by providing us with contributions.

It is first and foremost a website for all members.

Robert Pierce
CCHS Branch President